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Like Everyone, We Were Taught and Believed,
That We Are Spinning On A Ball

We are the kids who lost the curve flat earth FEMedia

But Then, Someone Mentioned They Could Not Find
The Curve of the Earth

So We Decided To Look For The Dang Thing Ourselves

And Guess What We Found?

Up On Local Palomar Mountain, A PERFECTLY FLAT Horizon!!!


And Everywhere Else, The Same. A PERFECTLY FLAT Horizon!!!

Therefore, The Flat Earth Media Group Was Started As An Alternative To Mainstream Internet (fb/yt) To Share This Amazing Un-Discovery of the Curve of the Earth

Flat Earth Media is based in San Diego California

Normal Heights San Diego California

Care To Take A Dive With Us…?

Rabbit Hole, San Diego, Normal Heights, FEMGp



The Flat Earth Media Group is NOT associated with the “Flat Earth Society” or ANY OTHER GROUP.

I started this project due to my love of truth, and passion to share good with other truth seekers.

I am a man, on the land.

I welcome all like-minded people to join with me, and our growing family of Flat Earth Truthers.

Love One Another

Russell Dibird

I am currently available for live or written interviews.  Contact thru my blog at